Peter Winick


Chief Operating Officer

Peter Winick has a passion for helping other companies innovate. He has a seasoned perspective that enables him craft the perfect solution for each company every time. He is a maestro of results driven by practical strategy and focused execution. He expertly leverages twenty years’ experience with such clients as IBM, Kraft, Microsoft, Avon, Hyatt and more. Peter works tirelessly to understand our clients’ precise needs, then creates a blended solution that fits like a glove.

Bill Sherman


Practice Leader

Bill Sherman leads our consulting, training and organizational change practice areas. He helps organizations understand their current state of innovation. He then builds strategically-targeted solutions to implement an innovative environment. Bill has guided many of the world’s most recognizable brands through complex organizational change. His past challenges for global brands have included strategic reengineering of people and processes, organizational culture and performance management and system realignment.

Lonnie Harmon


Implementation Manager

Lonnie Harmon has a depth and breadth of experience in training and organizational change at organizations of all sizes and cultures.  He can assist you with managing an innovation rollout at a company of 50 or 5000. Following a notable career at a Fortune 100 company, he founded his own company providing innovative training to companies as diverse as DHL, Merck, Wells Fargo, and Harley-Davidson.  Regardless of your industry, your culture, or your challenges, Lonnie has the passion and the patience to help you build a culture of innovation.

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