of extraordinary

how we

inspire the birthing
of new sources
of value


How we

inspire people
to greatness

how we

inspire curiosity,
exploration and
learning as
cultural values


How we

create inspiring
that attract and
retain talent

how we

generate inspiring
vibrant societies


How we

sustain these sources
of inspiration for
continued success

9 Keys

to Extraordinary Performance

Hacking extraordinary is a three-part process underlying any effort to develop an innovation agenda or pursue a specific innovation opportunity. The underlying three act structure of the quest is congruent with the EdgeMakers framework of “plant, grow, harvest” and how it organizes specific sets of relevant capacities for generating and developing ideas and realizing value from them.

The Nine Keys model enables benchmarking and measuring innovation capacity. It also defines the pathway for developing extraordinary innovation capability. Each of the Nine Keys is described below along with measures that contribute to a model.

The first three keys – vision, purpose, and narrative create the context for innovation efforts. The next three keys – talent, creative processes, and places make up the innovation engine. The last three keys – culture, behavior and execution define the role of leadership in realizing innovation.

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