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Deep Dives and Executive Programs

Few agendas are as important or as poorly understood as innovation. For that reason, we need to bring innovation to innovation.

The traditional industrial and information models for businesses and society are not disappearing any time soon. But now we are moving into an age of innovation, in which competitiveness is increasingly defined by the ability to generate new sources of value, define new business models, catch new demographic and social waves, mobilize entrepreneurial energy, and read weak signals before they become trends.

Deep Dives are a place to do that. And to solve big problems. Or focus on a targeted strategic question and come up with rapid solutions. These are custom designed one or two day immersive sessions, typically involving a stakeholder group of 8-15 leaders. They make use of John’s tested ability to help groups heighten their creative abilities.

John’s executive programs are modeled after his well-known Harvard Business School executive program on innovation, which made innovation practical and actionable for organizational leaders. These provide an opportunity to test drive the latest innovation methodologies, Develop custom innovation strategies and use a blend of learning modalities (case method, mini-projects and exercises) in the interest of experiential, practice-based learning.

These deep dives and executive programs may be held in John Kao’s innovation Studio at Miraval in Tucson, Arizona or at his main office in San Francisco. deep dives may also  be conducted at a client’s location by special arrangement. Deep dives may also  be conducted at a client’s location by special arrangement.

Organizational Diagnostic

Leaders require both strategic and tactical tools to facilitate this new business imperative. An organizational diagnostic provides a way to determine which tools will pave the way for instituting the best tactics to create extraordinary results.

Administer an organizational diagnostic within your organization at all levels.

Determine the Innovation principles your organization needs to institutionalize a scalable initiative for your executives, managers and employees.

Present findings and recommend interventions to the leadership team in a facilitated session.


Innovation Advisory

I believe more sophisticated forms of stewardship are essential if innovation is to serve as a means of addressing societal grand challenges.

John Kao has had a distinguished career of serving as a trusted advisor to leaders of both companies and countries. He’s fundamentally a clinician not a theorist, and likes to work with leaders who are on the hot seat to deliver an innovation agenda, and then bring practical, grounded experience to bear on execution.

Today there are over 50 countries with national innovation agendas and substantial budgets to back them up. Yet there is no consensus on best practices, metrics or learning regimes when it comes to innovation. Even the idea of what a national innovation agenda should be is up for grabs.

John has had broad experience working with public sector leaders on innovation. He has served as an advisor to Finland, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Canada, and elements of the US government and national security community, well as the European Union innovation policy team.

John coined the term “Large Scale Innovation” to refer to innovation at societal scale. His Institute for Large Scale Innovation has been a voice for a renewed approach to innovation stewardship and strategy in countries, regions and cities.

Sample assignments have included

  • Benchmarking national innovation systems on behalf of the head of state or minister of economic affairs
  • Facilitating candid strategic conversations among senior stakeholders to create alignment and sustainability around a shared agenda
  • Developing transformational agendas and communication strategies for economic innovation

John has also had extensive private sector experience and knows the power of a systematic approach to innovation. His definition of innovation is the capability of continuously achieving a desired future. When considering the future, most organizations start with the past and then extrapolate forward as if innovation were simply a planning exercise.

As an advisor, John advocates another approach. He knows how to activate a leadership or entrepreneurial team to define a vision for innovation that can galvanize an organization or a society. His broad exposure to Silicon Valley and the world of venture-backed startups adds additional flavor to his advisory capabilities.

Most importantly he knows how to deploy processes aimed at understanding the current state of the organization, envisioning the future and “over the horizon” business opportunities that might represent discontinuities from current understandings, and then working back to the present in order to create an integrated innovation stewardship, communications and strategy plan for getting to the desired future.

John’s work with leaders iterates among these agendas of assessment, foresight and action, and often takes the form of a journey that unfolds over time, always completed by actionable outcomes and multi-media deliverables.

Online Learning

Training that follows a clear, powerful learning strategy encompassing John’s prescriptive solution for making “being Innovative” into something tangible and actionable.

Program Overview

Who: Employees, managers and executives.

The Experience: Each 3-minute video delivers key insights on developing skills at the individual and organizational levels to accelerate innovation.

Relevance: Targeted activities that encourage employees to reflect and act upon video content in order to increase their actionable skills.

Sustainability: Backed by rigorous instructional design and organizational change strategy.


Individual Developmental Assessment

Are your employees ready to inspire the extraordinary in themselves? Are your leaders ready for a new way of managing and a new way of looking at the organization?

Provide training and other interventions designed specifically to provide the inspiration that is the “how” of extraordinary.

An Individual Developmental Assessment aligns each person’s quest with the organization’s quest, thereby creating new, disruptive, breakthrough innovations.

These assessments reveal strengths and opportunities, so learners can focus and maximize their efforts intelligently and effectively.

Advisory services take many forms

and are always customized to client’s specific needs and opportunities.

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