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John’s accomplishments read like the most interesting man in the world. Known as Mr. Creativity, he is past Chairman of the World Economic Forum’s Global Advisory Council on Innovation and advisor to the Clinton Global Initiative. The U.S. government calls him “the innovation Sherpa”. John has advised the countries of Finland and Singapore on their innovation strategies as well as companies such as Nike, Intel and BASF.

John is a serial entrepreneur, an angel investor in emerging technology, and a Tony-nominated producer of film and stage. He was producer of the Broadway play, Golden Child, production executive on Sex, Lies and Videotape, and executive producer of Mr. Baseball.  A jazz pianist at heart, he spent the summer of 1969 playing keyboards for rock legend Frank Zappa.

Your organization needs creativity, a hard commodity to buy off-the-shelf. John Kao, brings creativity to life, he helps get innovation done! John has inspired audiences around the globe. Invite John to speak at your event. He will instill the spirit of creativity as well as the how to of innovation.

Keynote Topics

Future-proofing Your Organization (country) (industry) (life)

In this speech John covers the essential Future Proofing Portfolio

  • Building capabilities for looking around corners
  • Embracing the network – digital fluency for speed, agility, awareness
  • Affirming core values
  • Leveraging diversity – gender, culture, age
  • Expanding creative repertoire – exercising organizational intuition
  • Conducting experiments, learning, lean, rapid prototyping
  • Use beginner’s mind
  • Innovation becomes a way of making the future you want

What the Hell Do We Do Now?
The Art and Discipline of Navigating in Uncertain Times

In this keynote speech, John covers how we stand and face the future and particular the wicked problems – greater uncertainty, turmoil, disruption, wicked problems, the gap between generations, accelerating technology, changing definition of nation states in a time of globalization, super-empowered individuals who upset the playing field, non-linearity, income inequality and on and on.

  • Living and working in an era of hyper-disruption.
  • Creating a new playbook when the old playbook doesn’t work any more
  • The dinosaurs will perish, the new mammalian forms will survive.

EdgeMaking: 21st Century Leadership

In this speech John covers the shifting landscape and the challenges to traditional leadership:

  • A particular leadership approach is a set of answers to a question; it arises in a particular context. Cultivating 21st century leadership skills requires a new set of character strengths, including curiosity, creativity, agility, ability to tolerate uncertainty and paradoxes, intuition, empathy
  • The EdgeMakers character strengths framework
  • The Leader as an EdgeMaker
  • The leading organization as an EdgeMaker

Bringing Innovation to Innovation

Innovation: one of the most commonly used yet most poorly understood concepts in the management lexicon. These days, innovation is “the new black,” yet organizations and leaders who know how to do it and “get it done” are in woefully short supply. It’s no wonder that most organizations embracing innovation wind up with disappointment, due to a combination of vague definitions, unrealistic expectations and lack of innovation skills.

In this speech, John Kao serves up a revolutionary view on the how of innovation, where it is defined not only as a brainstorm-to-blueprint process, but by results based on discipline and practice. He will challenge you to take your innovation agenda to a new level of practicality and results.

Advisory Services

Is your organization stuck? New product development is lacking, sales are falling? Are you in an industry with what John Kao calls “wicked” problems? It might be time to engage John for a 3-5 day intensive working session or a series of face-to-face or digital advisory meetings.

Innovation Hub at Miraval

Bring you executive team to Tucson for an immersive 2-day innovation retreat with John. This is a high-touch workshop with concrete results. You and your team will depart ready to embrace our ever faster-changing world, whether your challenges are in product development, sales or operations.

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